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There I was… 4 years old. Eyes glued to the TV as Ariel stands in her puffy sleeved wedding dress about to marry the love of her life, Prince Eric. I fell in love. With the movie, of course. (It’s still one of my favorites.) But also with the happily ever after kind of love. From that day on, The Little Mermaid shaped my life in two ways. First, the most obvious… I couldn’t wait until the day I got to walk down the aisle with my own beautiful gown, flowing (albeit not red) hair to marry my own prince. The second was my growing passion to help those who were non-verbal nor easily understood.

It was no surprise then, that years later, I’d wind up serving special needs children as a Speech Language Pathologist. Maybe it was my education or maybe it was all those years of watching my favorite mermaid, but I quickly learned that I am INCREDIBLE at anticipating what people need before they can even express it.


At about that same time, I met my own Prince! His name is Mark, and although he is not an actual prince, he did propose to me in Europe surrounded by castles and cathedrals. So, close enough, right?

In 2019, I finally got my Ariel moment (minus the puffy sleeves thank goodness) and my love of fairy tale endings flourished! Fast forward a few months… Mark helped me pick out a camera for my first Christmas present as newlyweds and then 2020 hit…and we all know what happens next! My speech therapy clinic shut down for months, with no clue when we would open again. With too much time on my hands, I decided that I needed another passion to pour my heart into. The camera sitting in the corner kept catching my eye and soon I was obsessed with it and could not put it down! While the rest of the world was binge watching Tiger King, I was soaking up as much photography education as possible. The only problem? The whole social distancing thing made subjects hard to find. Here comes Pippin to the rescue! Pippin was my pet hedgehog and first photography subject. And after a few months, I decided that if I could take amazing photos of Pippin, a squirmy, quick footed hedgehog, I could take photos of anyone!

So in 2021, after a few wonderful months working with humans in front of my camera, I officially opened my business. That knack for sensing what clients need before they can express it? Turns out it applies to photography too. I'm able to help you look like a pro in front of the camera while also being your genuine selves... AND getting to have fun! My goal for every photoshoot is to fill it with love, laughter, and happy memories that will last a lifetime. I feel so blessed to serve couples with kind hearts and wholesome values. If you want your fairytale ending captured in a way that stirs up those fluttery, head-over-heels, newlywed-kind-of-love feelings for years to come, I'm your girl!

Meredith’s favorites:

TV Shows: Outlander, Parks and Recreation
Movies: Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter
Past Trip: Italy
Dream Destination: Scotland
Dessert: Ice Cream

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I married Meredith. Her creativity, huge heart and bubbly personality make her irresistible to every person she meets. Her love of photography took over our lives during the Pandemic and I started taking headshots for her when she was a dress ambassador for an Instagram dress company. Meredith quickly recognized my skills as a photographer and started training me to be her second shooter. We work together as a dream team flawlessly on wedding days to create galleries that couples love for years to come.

I also do much of the behind the scenes work at Meredith Mutza Photography, including keeping the books up to date and building the website.

Your flannel-loving, computer-techy, comedy-quoting goofball with an eye for detail second shooter! 



If you like belly rubs, treats and long walks we will get along swell! 

Hello my name is Luna and I have many different jobs at Meredith Mutza Photography LLC. I keep the team fit by requiring long walks, dog park visits and tug of war sessions. I keep them happy and stress free with one look at my puppy dog eyes and fluffy hair.
I am very motivated by any treats, whether it is a food treat or a long belly rub. Ask my parents about my name and you will discover one of their favorite movie franchises!

Dog, stress manager, treat motivated, physical trainer. 


“From first contact to getting my wedding photos, she was beyond amazing. My husband and I felt so incredibly comfortable with her at our engagement photos and so comfortable with her and her husband as our second photographer for our wedding day!”
- Chelsea


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For the beach:

Disney World 


Redwood Forest


If you want your wedding day to feel like a fairytale complete with your own happily ever after and hype team, consider me your fairy godmother.