Retzer Nature Center Waukesha Senior Photos

Jake’s senior photography session started out on a bright sunny morning in Retzer Nature Center outside of Waukesha, Wisconsin the day before he started his first day of his senior year of High School. I was excited that he had decided to share his last day of summer vacation with me taking these photos! Jake is truly an amazing young man and he told me about his ambitions not only for the year but for his life ahead. I was very impressed by how well he is preparing for life outside of going to school.

He was already working two jobs to save up money for college. One of his jobs happened to be serving at one of my favorite venues to photograph weddings, The Legend at Brandybrook! Jake is an incredibly hard worker and is already showing off his talents to the world and setting himself up for a successful future. Enjoy his sunny senior photo session in Retzer Nature Center, Waukesha!

January 29, 2023


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