Estrella Mountain Maternity Photoshoot in Phoenix, Arizona

Photographing in Phoenix, Arizona was an absolute dream! I always enjoy taking my camera on our vacations, but I was especially excited for our trip to Arizona because I had a few photography clients as well!

I was so happy to connect with Jonah and Sarah before they welcomed their newest addition! They were so happy and filled with excitement talking about all of the first milestones that they were going to be on the lookout for when their little one made their debut! They had many questions for Mark and I, since we had welcomed our first baby girl into the world 8 months prior to meeting them. All new parents are filled with questions, which is completely normal! I feel that we as humans are always a little nervous or scared when we embark down a path that we have not been before. And from experience, Parenthood is a whole other WORLD compared to being a married couple. But, it is filled with some of the happiest and most fulfilling moments I have had thus far in my life!

Jonah and Sarah lived in the Phoenix area, but neither of them had visited Estrella Mountain Regional Park. Mark and I drove to the park the previous day to location scout for the photoshoot, since we were not familiar with the area and did not want Sarah to be on her feet any longer than necessary! We found the perfect spots, with a few different backgrounds to photograph with minimal walking between locations. Mark and I enjoyed location scouting for the photoshoot and getting to explore the desert landscape. I feel that these spots showcased all of the beautiful desert landscapes that Arizona had to offer while also fitting the needs for this expecting mom! Enjoy this stunning desert maternity photoshoot!

Location: Estrella Mountain Regional Park, Phoenix, Arizona.

February 12, 2024


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