Wisconsin Fall Family Portrait Session with Wildflowers

Would you believe me if I told you that the location for this picturesque Wisconsin Fall family portrait session was in this families back yard? I am serious! It was picture perfect, proving that you can still have dreamy backgrounds in Wisconsin! This family initially reached out to me wanting some family updated portraits for their son’s first birthday. After chatting back and forth for awhile we were struggling to come up with a great location for the photoshoot. That was when this Mom explained that she works in agriculture and that she has fields of wildflowers in their yard. I was immediately sold!

Fast forward to the day of the photoshoot. I arrived a little early to the photoshoot to scout for locations to use during the portrait session. This is a common practice for me, but I typically photograph in public places NOT client’s yards. This family was so nice and welcoming. They let me look around to find where the best lighting was for their portraits. They also gave me a few of their own suggestions. Which was a big help and let me know what their vision was for the session. All I can say is, we understood the assignment!

The little overalls, cute moments and giggles that I captured for this family will live forever in these portraits! This family was very excited when they got their final gallery because not only did I capture this family but I also photographed their home. These snuggles and cuddles were captured at home. A place that they feel safe, loved and cared for. No matter where life takes them, they can always look back and remember the amazing times they had at this home through these pictures. Enjoy this Wisconsin fall family portrait session!

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Parents kissing child on the head during a family portrait session.

Fall family portrait session in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Fall Family portrait session.

Child picking wildflowers during family portrait session.

Little boy in overalls laughing with wildflowers in Wisconsin Fall.
Mom and Dad walking with son during fall portrait session in Wisconsin.

Close up of boy in overalls during a Fall family portrait session.

Little boy biting a green apple during a Fall family portrait session in Wisconsin.

Little boy laughing at the camera during family portraits in Wisconsin.

May 6, 2024


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