Honeymoon Island Florida Destination Wedding Anniversary

Getting to photograph these two on their destination wedding anniversary photoshoot on Honeymoon Island in Florida was incredible. This blog post has been a long time coming. I photographed these two in 2022 when I was actually pregnant with my first child! Morgan and Isaac were married in 2020…and we all know what happened that year. They had to change so many pieces and details about their wedding at the last minute to accommodate their loved ones. So, I was so excited to photograph them on their second wedding anniversary and give them the couple’s photoshoot that they always dreamed of!

Isaac and Morgan met while attending college at the University of Wisconsin Madison. They were both in Wisconsin Singers and have incredible voices and dance skills. We took full advantage of their dance skills during this session! Shortly after they got married, they relocated from Wisconsin to Florida, where they still reside. Already being two years into marriage, they had complete trust in each other as they did lifts and dips for the camera. It was quite the sight to behold! They came up with different posing ideas and I had to keep up! And the stunning Florida sunset did not hold back either. The sunset changed from brilliant orange hues to light peach and pink rays.

We caught up with them during their photoshoot. Morgan could not believe how amazing the photos were turning out. She had always wanted to have a destination photoshoot. Now she could check that off of her bucket list! Isaac was along for the ride and happy to help at a moments notice. He was thrilled to be out, spending time with his wife!

Enjoy this incredible destination wedding anniversary couple’s session on Honeymoon Island in Florida.

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Groom getting ready for destination wedding.
Groom laughing while getting ready destination wedding.

Bride getting ready for destination wedding.
Bridal Bouquet and wedding rings on beach on Honeymoon Beach in Florida.
Bride detail photo on the beach on Honeymoon Island in Florida.

Couple laughing on the beach destination wedding in Florida.

Florida destination wedding bride and groom.

Bride and groom Florida destination wedding Honeymoon island.

Dip kiss bride and groom destination wedding.

Bride and groom looking at the camera destination wedding in Florida.

Destination wedding sunset portraits bride and groom.

Bride and groom wedding portraits.

June 17, 2024


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