South Shore Park Milwaukee Family Photoshoot

Beach days are better when you get to explore with your Mom and Dad! Paul and Michelle were so excited to get updated family portraits with their sweet daughter this past summer. We decided to head to the beach at South Shore Park in Milwaukee for their family photo session. Their daughter had a blast picking up the rocks and shells and showing them to her parents any chance she got. Her smile was so sweet and she did a great job looking at the camera during the photoshoot! She also enjoyed playing with their noses during a sweet candid moment in front of the water! You must always be on your toes and ready for anything with a one year old. Paul, Michelle and I followed their daughter’s direction during the photoshoot and we got so many great spontaneous family moments because of that. Enjoy this joyous family photoshoot on the shore of Lake Michigan outside of Milwaukee!

January 30, 2023


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