Winter Retzer Nature Center Waukesha Maternity Photoshoot

Ted and Brittany were so sweet to work with! Their snowy maternity photoshoot was so magical and I cannot wait to show you! This couple contacted me a few months into their pregnancy to inquire about a maternity photoshoot in the Milwaukee area. For their pictures, they really wanted snow! Me, being a Wisconsinite born and raised decided that February would be the perfect month for their pictures because we always have snow in February. But, in the days leading up to the photoshoot I began to panic. There was almost no snow! I apologized to the couple, but as a photographer, the weather is completely out of your power.

The night before the photoshoot rolled around an Flurries were in the forecast… but the flurries turned into my area getting about an inch of snow! It was a winter miracle and the photos turned out absolutely stunning! The fresh snow really added a magical quality to the photos. Brittany and Ted are not originally from this area, so they are not accustomed to the chilly Wisconsin temperatures. They were truly troopers though and stayed out in the frozen landscape for about 20 minutes to capture these stunning photos.

Enjoy this winter wonderland maternity photoshoot!

January 30, 2023


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